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Regulations for internet connection in the dormitories

On this website you will find information about the rules and requirements for internet connection in the dormitories.

[ requirements ]   [operational regulations ]   [ terms of use ]

1. Which requirements are essential for the use of the internet connection in the dormitory?

  • You need a valid RZ-Account of the computation center. If are a student of the University of Regensburg or of the FH Regensburg you got this RZ-Account at your immatriculation. Students of other universities can get an RZ-Account with their students card at the infopoint (www-info.uni-regensburg.de) of the computation center.

  • There is a fee of 1 per month, respectivly 6 (7 ) per semester. This fee is automatically chared of your account that ist connected to your RZ-Account with registration or renewal of computers. If your balance is not sufficient it is not possible to register or renew registrations of computers. You have to recharge this account with money before registration or renewal of computers.

  • Every device you want to use in the dormitory has to be registered there. The registration process can be performed on your personal status site directly on your port in your room. At the beginning of each semester it is neccessary to renew a registration. This can be done on the same website as mentioned above. Registrations which are not renewed in this time intervall are going to be deleted automatically.

  • Every Computer has to be configured for DHCP. This means that you have to configure e.g. Windows XP/Vista in the TCP/IP options of your netword card to automatically obtain an IP adress and automatically obtain a DNS server adress (This is standard for Windows).

2. Operational regulations

  • The registration of devices in the dormitories is valid for one semester. The key dates are the 1st May and 1st November. If you want to use a device a further semester you have to renew the registration for that device at the beginning of each semester. The renewal intervall for summer semester is from 1st April - 30th April. For winter semester the renewal intervall is from 1st October - 31th October. The renewal process can be done online via your personal status site.

    Attention: Devices are going to be deleted on 1st May, respectivly 1st Novermber, if you do not renew registration!

  • Every registration option (do a new registration, delete a registration, change a registration, renew a registration) can be performed directly on your computer in your room. The personal status site is always reachable no matter what your registration status is. Every registration action will be active within 20 minutes.

  • If you deregister a device, you will get your money back to your account for the rest of the semester (for complete months).

  • Every registered computer can be additionally registered as a course computer. With such a additional coure computer registration you can use your private computer in the dormitory as well as on the campus of the university. This possibility is for users with laptops that want to use their private laptop concurrently in the dormitory and in an office or laboratory of the university. Pay attention: 1. A course computer registration is only necessary for the aim mentioned above and will be delete on 1st September. 2. Course computer registration is only necessary for wired ethernet. If you want to use wireless networks on the campus, you have to register your wireless network card seperatly on the campus.

  • There is a limit for data transfer per network port (not per device!). The limit is 2 GByte/day for dormitories which are connected via fiber optics and 1 GByte/day for dormitories which are connected via wireless links. The complete amount of transfered bytes is basis of the limit. It does not matter whether the traffic is intern (on campus) or extern (internet) because it is not possible with the deployed network components to differentiate between these two sorts. If you reach the daily limit for data transfer, the port will be constrained: it is then just possible to establish connections intern with limited bandwith. This constraint is the active for the rest of the same day and is going to be reversed at 24:00 on the same day.

  • Unfortunatly there are situations when your port will be locked. This is for example the case if your devices account for disturbances in the network or if your device is attacking other devices in the network (when having a virus or trojan). In this case your port will be in quarantine and you can only reach the Windows update server and the sophos virus scanner download site of the university.

3. Terms of use for privat computers in the network of the university

A device is allowed to be operated in the university network, if the following rules are observed:
  1. The usage of the network is only allowd to people with a valid RZ-Account.

  2. The usage is conform the policy of usage (research, teaching, education)

  3. The device has to be operated as a normal workstation (client). Server services of any kind are not allowed. This applies to server services on network layer (DNS-Server, BOOTP-Server, DHCP-Server, WINS-Server, Samba services or NFS-Server) as well as to server services on application layer (WWW-Server, NEWS-Server, FTP-Server, Gaming-Servers, NT-Servers, File-Servers, P2P-Servers, ...).

  4. The computer has to be registered in the DHCP- and DNS-Servers of the computation center. If you give a network adress (physical, IP) or a network name (TCP/IP Name, NetBios name, ....) to your computer yourself you are going to be disconnected from the network immediately.

  5. The computer is configured to set its TCP/IP parameter (IP adress, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS-Server) dynamically. A static configuration is not possible.

  6. Only normal workstations (clients) are allowed to be connected to the ports in the dormitories. It is NOT allowed to connect network components e.g. routers, WLAN access points. The same rule applies to computers which are configured as network compontens. An exception to this rule are network components which are provided by the computation center.

  7. The rules (http://www.uni-regensburg.de/Einrichtungen/Rechenzentrum/Benutzer/ Benutzerordnung) for operation of the network of the computation center are to be followed. Disturbance causing services are not allowed to be activated.

  8. If a computer is causing disturbances within the network it is going to be disconnected without consultation. The computer can access the network again, if the reason for the disturbance is fixed. If a disturbance happens for the third time, the computer will be locked for 30 days.

  9. The person which owns the computer is responsible for all data and programs, which are installed on his/her computer. Especially copyrights are to be followed. If violations (e.g. offering music or movies which are protected by copyrights in P2P-Networks) against copyrights become known, the owner of the computer looses the right to access the university network with his/her private computer.

  10. The owner of the computer is under obligation to keep the operating system and the installed programs up-to-date with respect to security. It should not be possible for attackers to use well known security holes and be therefore a threat to other resources in the network.

  11. It is strongly prohibited to sniff, record, spy, modify any external data in the network. Is is also prohibited to use hardware or software that can be harmful to other users or computers. Examples are: SPAM Mail Generators, programs for scanning ip adresses and ports, programs for denial-of-service attacks, programs for sniffing or manipulating network data.,...

  12. The computation center does not provide support with problems which are associated to the usage of the network on a private computer.

  13. The location of the computer and the responsible person for the computer are information which are to be published to the computation center. Changes are to be notified to the computation center as fast as possible.

Additionally the rules of computer usage at the University of Regensburg apply.
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