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Frequently Used Links:

Dormitory connections to the university data network

This page contains informations about the connection of the dormitories to the network of the University of Regensburg, the rules and requirements for the network connection in the dormitories as well as your personal status page for your dormitory room

News Current informations about the network connections in the dormitories

Which dormitories are connected with the university network? (Google Maps) This document contains informations, which dormitories are connected with the university data network and which type and speed is used for the connection.

Rules and requirements for the use of the network connection in the dormitories The document describes, which requirements are neccessary for using a computer in a dormitory and which rules have to be observed.

Book a coupon     (Book a coupon off-campus) In order to use your computer in a dormitory, you have to pay a monthly fee of 1 euro (6.00 euros/semester). The equivalent amount has to be on your electronic account BEFORE you register your computer or extend your registration. The dates for the full amounts are 1.4. and 1.11. respectively. You can book an unused coupon to your account here.

Personal status page ( login required ! ) Here you will find a summary of the devices, which you have registered in a dormitory as well as informations about the status of your connection (e.g. the mount of data transferred per day, possible lockings etc.). Furthermore you can register and unregister devices, change the registered data and renew the registrations.
You will see only your own data, because a login with your RZ Account is required.

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